Miracle Faith Seminar 2015

BLW UK Zone 2 held hosted a Miracle Faith Seminar of the Healing School. It was a Time of Grace and Healing.

The Miracle Faith Seminar in BLW UK Zone 2 was an awe-inspiring episode, with hundreds of people gathered at the Grand City Hotel, London for a remarkable time in God’s presence. The excitement in the air was palpable as many of the attendees came ready to partake of the unique anointing of the Holy Spirit that is at work in the Healing School.

Stirring faith in her listeners, one of the testifiers, Rebecca Kokome, told the amazing story of how she was healed of ruptured brain aneurysm by the man of God, Pastor Chris at the Healing School.
Dadirai also testified of healing from fistula and uterine fibroids when the man of God ministered to her at a healing service.

The host and pastor of BLW UK Zone 2, Pastor Uche Onubogu, preached on life in Christ as a life that is free of sickness and disease. He further charged the congregation to put the Word to work in their health and in every area of life. The atmosphere was filled with faith and anticipation as he began to minister to the sick; he called out several cases by the Word of knowledge, and transferred healing into their bodies with the laying on of hands.

So many miracles and testimonies were experienced at the meeting.
Funmi Collins was healed of sinusitis, for the first time in 10 years, she testified of being able to breathe properly.
Mark Simmons attested that he had several clots in his legs which caused him excruciating pain; however, during the ministration, the clots disappeared and he can squat and walk now without any pain. Isabella Carew gave her testimony as well; she came to the programme with a swollen ankle and she felt burning sensations in the leg, “but when the pastor prayed for me, I received my healing. Now, I’m able to walk without any pain and the swelling has gone down,” she said.

So many gave their hearts to Christ and graciously received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The people experienced a new level of the anointing and all who came were touched by the Spirit of God, and they will never be the same again.

Miracle Faith Seminar 2015 In Pictures

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