Distributing free Rhapsody of Realities

On an audacious and legendary 4-day ‘ReachOut Portugal’ Campaign, BLW UK Zone 2 distributed 30,000 copies of the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities and also hosted a healing crusade, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The reachout campaign coincided with the city of Lisbon’s celebration period of the Portugal National Day on June 10 and the Lisbon Feast of St. Antonio Day. BLW UK Zone 2 took advantage of the National Day and the Lisbon Feast of St. Antonio Day to launch its ground-breaking Messenger Angel distribution of over 30,000 copies of Rhapsody of Realities with a grand-finale healing crusade in the heart of the city.

Prior to the arrival en-masse of the ground troops from BLW UK Zone 2 in Lisbon for the Rhapsody storm, news of the special Gospel conference at ‘Colisieu de Lisboa’ and the arrival of courageous brethren from UK Zone 2, had spread rapidly via the leading mainstream metro newspaper, through RDS Radio and through SIC TV, the largest independent television network in Portugal. Leading media stations herald the arrival of 200 elite missionaries and the healing crusade in Portugal.

This was a notable achievement as it marked the first time that leading media platforms were used to propagate the Gospel of the Kingdom on such a scale.

On the first three days of the reachout – Wednesday June 10 – Friday June 11 2015, BLW UK Zone 2’s missionary soldiers advanced triumphantly to storm the city of Lisbon in Portugal with the distribution of thousands of free copies of Rhapsody of Realities. The people and streets of Lisbon were imparted with the BLW message as the brethren were dispatched in groups to popular stations, stores and historical landmarks across Lisbon to distribute free copies of Rhapsody of Realities. Cries of “Obrigado Rapsodie de Realidades!” as UK Zone 2 distributes the Messenger Angel in Lisbon.

As las as 8PM, the city was still buzzing as the inhabitants took to the streets for the historic and traditional St. Antonio’s Day Festival, a parade of folklore and costumes of the inhabitants from the city’s different traditional quarters, with hundreds of singers and dancers and a vast audience applauding their favorite participants at the city centre, ‘Avenida da Liberdade.’

UK Zone 2 missionaries joined the festivities, using the opportunity to reach more people with the glorious Gospel. Many more found the greatest love of all by coming in contact with the Messenger Angel.

Many received the word with meekness and gladness in the hearts, giving their lives to Christ. One of the locals who received a copy of the devotional proclaimed, “Portugal is for Jesus!” Many also expressed euphoria upon discovering that the BLW Nation had come to establish an Embassy in Portugal.

An atmosphere of great expectation and faith was stirred up in the nation as news of the BLW missionaries spread while establishing the BLW message in Lisbon, Portugal. The nation and cities of Portugal have been set ablaze with the word of God and demonstration of His love.

The healing crusade which held at the Coliseu de Lisboa, the most prestigious venue in Portugal was themed ‘This Beginning of Miracles’. It has been reported that this will be first time a Christian organization will use the venue for a crusade.
At the healing crusade attended by over 700 attendes, many received their miracles while many more gave their lives to Christ. Portugal would not remain the same!

Immediately on the next day, Sunday June 14 2015, a new Church chapter of the BLW UK Zone 2 began in earnest with many souls won over the 4-day ReachOut flooding into Church to worship God.

Pastor Uche Onubogu, Zonal Pastor, and the missionaries of UK Zone 2 are grateful to the BLW President, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, for the number one devotional in the world. Obrigado Rapsodie de Realidades! Obrigado Pastor Chris!

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