This year our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gave us a mandate of 1 million outreaches in our ministry for church growth and Christianization of our localities.

The 1 Million Rhapsody Outreaches is a unique opportunity to change millions of lives all over the world. It’s a campaign that promotes Personal Christian Ministry.  Through  personal sponsorship and distribution of 100 physical or online copies of Rhapsody of Realities per outreach  gives each individual the opportunity to be involved in: Personal Christian Ministry, Effective Soul Winning and Effective Retention. Upon completion of each outreach, you’re issued a Certificate of Merit. 


  1. Sign up:  Use your Group unique link button below.
  2. Number of Outreaches: Indicate number of outreaches.
  3. Make payment: Please use the following payment method ( or bank Transfer: Account No: 21115371  Sort code: 230580 Metro Bank. Kingspay Code: UKZN2. Pls Reference payment as “MY MILLIONS” your CHURCH & your NAME.
  4. Upload Receipt: You upload your proof of payment, indicate copies paid for as per receipt, date paid & Amount paid.( Pls lets us know once you’ve uploaded your receipt so we can confirm it at the backend).
  5. Create your AVATAR : Use your smiling beautiful picture to create your avatar.
  6. Distribution data: Minimum of  10 names that you gave the Rhapsody either physical copies or Rhapsody Subscription code.
  7. First Timers: At least 3 First Timers Names you invited to church. for online church services, do ask your Pastor or Church admin to confirm you First timers.
  8. New Converts: At least 1 new convert name.
  9. Distribution pictures: At least 1 picture to show your distribution of Rhapsody. For e- copy  pls ask the person to take a photo of their device when uploading the code.
  10. Certificate of Merit: Download your outreach Certificate.

Please remember that 1 Outreach is 100 copies at a sum of £200 (E-copy or hard copy costs £2 each).